Meet the IGDA-OC Team


Jason Fader: IGDA-OC Chapter President

Jason Fader: IGDA-OC Chapter President

Pursuing his passions as a programmer, designer, and entrepreneur, Jason started in the video game industry in 2001 at Blizzard Entertainment; working on titles such as Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction, Warcraft 3, and World of Warcraft.  He founded Iocaine Studios to developing titles such as ThreadSpace: Hyperbol, and Steam Bandits: Outpost. Jason then joined Obsidian Entertainment to work on Fallout: New Vegas, their subsequent DLC’s as a lead producer, and several unannounced titles.  Jason heavily involved himself in the indie game scene as the Chapter President of IGDA Orange County and regularly organizes events to help promote indie development locally.


Liz Fiacco: IGDA-OC Advisory Board

Liz is an entrepreneur and game designer with experience at game studios such as Liz Fiacco: IGDA-OC Advisory BoardObsidian Entertainment and Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds. She has strong leadership experience, from managing and growing a thriving Digital Arts Club at Chapman University, presenting at National Honors Conferences on starting an online Academic Journal, and directing Axle, winner of the IEEE Gamesig Intercollegiate Showcase. She founded her own company, Fallstreak Studio, which recently released the game: Axle, to mobile devices.


Dan Maas:  IGDA-OC Advisory Board

Dan Maas: IGDA-OC Advisory Board

Dan is a senior game producer on Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft II at Blizzard Entertainment. Prior to that he has worked both as a producer on and a product manager and engineer at GameSpy Technology — helping provide network, authentication, and commerce services for a variety of games. Dan ran the Orange County chapter of the IGDA from March 2011 through May 2012 and currently serves as a chapter advisor


Mark Soderwall:  IGDA-OC Advisory Board

Mark Soderwall: IGDA-OC Advisory Board

Mark  is a 20+ year game industry veteran that has directed at LucasArts, Electronic Arts and ATARI. Mark has over 42 published titles on IP’s like: StarWars,CloneWars, LEGO, DC Comics, Dungeons & Dragons & Createrria. Mark is now a leading AAA & Indie consultant, industry career coach & entrepreneur.

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